Enablers of a Greener World Economy

The deployment of renewables, electric vehicles and decarbonizing technologies will underpin the world’s efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. These low-carbon technologies rely heavily on a handful of key minerals that are without substitute.

We call these future facing minerals, the enablers of a greener world economy.

Ibaera invests exclusively in future facing minerals projects, strategically positioning the fund to capture early positions in metals such as copper, cobalt, zinc, gold and nickel.

Once constructed, these projects will support the world’s growing demand for green energy.

The mining of these minerals is critically important to the technologies that are needed to address climate change


The predominant conductor of the world’s electricity and the major metal by mass in electric motors. The demand for copper is expected to quadruple between now and 2040 to meet the demand from electric vehicles and electrical cabling to electric vehicle charging stations.


The global currency and hedge against market volatility. Gold is the commodity that will play an ever-greater role as a global currency in a green economy.


An essential component of the cathode of lithium-ion, nickel-cadmium and nickel metal hydride batteries, improving rechargeability and therefore the efficiency of all modern battery technologies.


An essential ingredient for batteries, increasing the storage capacity of batteries and making battery storage so much more cost effective.


Is essential to both solar photo voltaic manufacture and solar energy farms and LED production as used in low energy lighting, but also provides a realistic future alternative to lithium-ion batteries.