Hugely Successful Maiden Drilling Programme at Rogozna

March 08, 2021

Zlatna Reka’s maiden drilling program commenced in August 2020 and involved the completion of 16 drillholes for a total of 9,931 metres, with the final drillhole completed in December 2020.

The program was very successful, with the discovery of significant gold-copper-zinc-silver mineralisation at Medenovac and high-grade gold mineralisation at Gradina North, while infill drilling at Shanac resulted in some of the best intersections ever recorded at that deposit.

Intersections at Shanac included:

584.2m @ 0.52g/t Au and 0.08% Cu from 180.8m depth in ZRSD20117, including:

  • 61.87m @ 1.31g/t Au and 0.21% Cu from 350.13m and
  • 26.4m @ 1.38g/t Au and 0.21% Cu from 614.1m and
  • 20m @ 0.81g/t Au and 0.35% Cu from 720.4m

417m @ 0.9g/t Au and 0.1% Cu from 186m depth in ZRSD20120, including:

  • 154m @ 1.7g/t Au and 0.2% Cu from 449m, including
  • 43m @ 3.0g/t Au and 0.1% Cu from 449m and
  • 22m @ 3.7g/t Au and 1.1 % Cu from 581m

608.2m @ 0.45g/t Au and 0.06% Cu from 91.8m in ZRSD20131 (hole ended in mineralisation)

187.5m @ 0.91g/t Au, 0.15% Cu, 0.27% Pb, 0.44% Zn and 9.6g/t Ag from 382m in ZRSD20132, including:

  • 69.5m @ 2.02g/t Au, 0.30% Cu, 0.45% Pb, 0.78% Zn and 17.7g/t Ag from 382m, including
  • 26.3m @ 4.02g/t Au, 0.43% Cu, 0.63% Pb, 1.7% Zn and 16.7g/t Ag from 423.2m

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